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Bridal Timeline, Tips and, Trends

12+ Months Out
- Decisions, decisions!  This is the time for the big
decisions for you and your groom.  Soon, you two will be making
decisions that will be looked back at for decades to come.  With
selecting choices that are your own, you two will have no regrets
and look back fondly at this time you so carefully planned things
together.  So dig in and get started.  Select wedding date, select
bridal party attendants, determine the ceremony type, and
reception time and location.  Decide on your overall wedding style,
decide on your wedding gown and head piece/veil, make a date for
groom’s attire selection, make appointment for bridesmaid dresses
and groomsmen's attire selection, book photographer/videographer,
florist, contact makeup artist and hair stylist.  Don’t forget to
check references and consider enlisting the help of a professional
wedding coordinator if needed!  A coordinator can help creatively
work within a budget and help you keep costs under control.  They
can also quickly help to determine your style, narrow endless
choices, and go the extra mile when time is at a premium.  With
our careers dominating so much of our time, little is left over for

Amidst all the decision making, take time to focus on feeling and
looking your personal best.  Now is the time to start or ramp up
your exercise program, begin a skin care regime and think about
your bridal hair style.  Any exercise routine with deep breathing is
beneficial for your skin and will help you relax during this busy
time - yoga and walking can be especially helpful.  Begin now to
think about your wedding day look.  Is your wedding daytime –
dictating a soft natural look or evening - requiring a glamorous
makeup?  Do you plan to have your formal pictures outside or

6-12 Months Out - Determine your wedding day look.  Find
pictures of makeup and hair that you love and will fit in with your
vision.  Try some new skin products like a gentle exfoliant to help
your other products work better.  Remember the beginning of good
skin is properly cleansing and using an appropriate moisturizer
with sunscreen.  Treat your body skin well by cleansing with a
moisturizing wash and regular exfoliating and moisturizing.  Give
attention to your hands and feet.  Consider your eyebrows.  If too
thin, grow them in to reshape.  If too thick, have them waxed or
begin tweezing.  You may decide to alter your current hair length
or color.  Many brides select hair styles that require longer hair and
some hair stylists can work with natural looking extensions.  Now
is the time to prep your skin, hair and body for your wedding
day.  Booking your makeup and hair consultation at the same time
will allow the stylists to get you the closest to how you will look on
your wedding day.  Are you and your Groom planning on taking
some dance lessons - many couples enjoy this romantic time
together even with four left feet!

3-6 Months Out - Beauty truly starts on the inside.  Remember to
appreciate and enjoy the special times and the blending of two
families.  If possible invite both sets of parents to get together.  For
some interesting family history, have them reminisce about their
weddings and how they met.  What went well?  What went
wrong?  Surprise your groom with an activity he will enjoy -
maybe a tennis date or a romantic walk.  Book a spa afternoon or
plan High Tea with your Mom, for most likely she’s working just as
hard as you are to help everything go well.  Treat yourself to new
cosmetic travel bags and sort through your products.  Ditch
anything that is broken, old or not used.  Shop for some makeup
that your artist may have recommended - a water - proof
mascara or a new lip color.  Even if your makeup artist will supply
all the products, they will come in handy during your showers,
parties and honeymoon.  Keep plenty of cards and thank you notes
on hand.  If you plan to wax anything before your wedding, now is
the time to book your first appointment to ensure you do not have
a reaction.  At this point any problems would most likely be
resolved by the wedding date.

1-3 Months Out - Balancing act and timing - stay your course,
avoid impulse changes but keep a degree of flexibility.  Keep on
track with your skincare and distressing techniques.  Laugh as
much as you can and do not sweat the small stuff.  Be wary of
trying new things this close to your wedding date like tanning -
sun - free or otherwise, facials and hair color.  Keep up your focus
on your hands and feet.  Select attendant gifts, arrange seating
chart – sometimes a delicate task, think about creating a listing of
desired photos for your photographer.  Firm up an outline of the
wedding day timeline.  Be generous here – it’s virtually impossible
to make up lost time.  Trust and listen to your vendors.  They will
have the experience to know the amount of time needed to make
things go smoothly.  Also, try to consider extraneous circumstances
like traffic, weather, volcanic clouds or even a case of the hiccups.

1 Week Out - Deal with it - quickly!  Help yourself to avoid any
last minute anxiety by efficiently wrapping up all dangling details.  
Everything in moderation and in an organized fashion will pay off
during this week.  Is any thing bugging you - get to it first!  Check
in with vendors and ensure they are on the same page for timing
and services.   Review and be aware of all vendor payments
needing to be finalized.  Be Switzerland AKA neutral to avoid
stresses.  A Bridesmaid dress doesn’t fit - no sweat - off to the
tailor and/or to the Spanx department.  (Once knew two
bridesmaids who happily traded dresses - one pregnant and the
other lost baby weight - perfect!)  Mother of Groom wants to
review seating charts - fine - make changes if possible, if not,
pleasantly explain must remain as is.  Feuding family members  
can’t attend - fine - and even better.  Consider this a bonus!!  At
this point is it too late to squabble and the high road is the best

Wedding Day! - Relax and let your planning pay off!  You and
your Groom have worked hard to plan the best wedding day for
yourselves, your families and loved ones.  Embrace the special
touches and details that are all your own!  Giggle at the quirky
mishaps - usually something small goes awry and if you are ready
to improvise, no one notices or cares.  Know that when you look
back at your wedding day, the choices you have made together will
stand out as your own.  And remember that your honeymoon is
right around the corner!
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